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Here you can find adviced Runesets for each monster. Be aware that runing your monster is a very personal experience, what works for 1 does not work for everybody. These advice are based on the majority votes so if they do not work for you personally feel free to avert from it.

A few tips I learned in my later days on runing and especially on what runes to waste your mana on.

  1. Don’t bother putting despair runes on a monster with either a freeze or stun skill of it’s own. The effect does not accumulate so it’s a waste of rune power.
  2. Don’t waste your mana on runes lower than 5 stars purple or orange quality. You’ll only be replacing the other runes in no time anyway. So don’t upgrade them higher than +9 EVER.
  3. Try to get 6 star purple or orange runes, but don’t waste your time with flat stats. This means for slot 2,4 and 6 there should always be put a % rune on. No % means sell the bloody rune.
  4. Also be aware that a white, green or blue runes upgraded to +12 might become orange, but it’s stats are still lower than a dropped orange rune of the same star quality. Therefor just sell white, green or blue runes as the mana is better spent on a rarer drop instead.
  5. Your ultimate Goal is to equip your monsters with 6 star, orange runes and upgrade these only to +15 AFTER you’ve succesfully enchanted or reappraised your rune so untill end game runes leave them at +12.
  6. Also if a rune has 2 main stats, this is called a prefix stat. These stats cannot be gained as a substat and can subsequently not be upgraded. So be sure that if you have a prefix stat it’s not one especially needed on that monster as a substat.
Runing your Monster can be a tedious and forever seemingly task, so hopefully with these tips you can prevent from having to do it more than once per monster. Also be aware than certain runes are meant for certain dungeons so be sure to check out the bestiary for where the monster is used best or look at the dungeon guides what stats are needed for a particular dungeon.
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