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Ever ran into the issue where you need a certain buff for a dungeon, like for example Elements Hall : Wind where a anti-heal buff is very handy. Well with this table you can search for your buff and find all the monsters who have a skill containing this buff or debuff along with the landing % and the duration of the buff or debuff. Below you find a Glossary for all the available buffs and Debuffs. Sometimes terms we use are not the official in-game term, this table goes by the official in-game terms. Therefor Anti-Heal is called Disturb HP Recovery, if you cannot find a buff or debuff check out the glossary if perhaps the name is different. Also you can check out the glossary for an overvieuw of what buffs are available if you’re not entirely sure what you are looking for. You can than use the search field below to filter for that particular buff or debuff.
Table TermA.k.a. TermDescription
Additional AttackMulti HitsDoes an extra attack in the same turn
Additional TurnExtra TurnGives the monster an extra turn
Ally AttackGroup AttackAttacks together with another team member
Anti-Revive Prevents the enemy from being revived if he dies with this debuff active
Beneficial Effects BlockedBuff BlockPrevents any beneficial effects from being applied to an enemy
Bomb A bomb is planted to be detonaned after a certain amount of turns, dmg is according to the enemies attack.
Brand Enemies take 25% more damage
Cleanse Removes one or more debuffs
Continious DamageDOTDoes 5 % damage on the enemy per turn the debuff is active
Counter Counter Attacks when being attacked by an enemy
Debuff Bonus Damage Increases damage per debuff on the target
Decrease ATB Reduces the enemy’s attack gauge
Decrease ATKAttack BreakAttack Power is reduced by 50%
Decrease Damage Decreases damage received by a certain amount
Decrease Debuff Duration Decreases the duration of debuffs by a number of turns.
Decrease DEFDefense BreakDefense is reduced by 70%
Decrease SPDSlowSpeed is reduced by 33%
DefendProtectMonster that applies Hug will take damage from monster with effect. Does not protect against debuffs.
Destroy HP Destroys the enemy’s MAX HP
Detonate Bomb Detonate all bomb effects on the enemy target(s)
Disturb HP RecoveryAnti-HealHealing effects are blocked for a number of turns
Freeze Enemy is frozen and immobilized for a number of turns
Gain Knowledge Stacks up to 5. Provides extra power to skills with more Knowledge stacked.
Glancing Hit Accuracy is reduced by 50% and the chance for the monster to land a Glancing Hit of reduced damage will increase.
Heal Increases ally’s HP
Ignore Damage Reduction Ignores damage reduction effects
Ignore DEF Attack will ignore the target’s defense.
Immunity Monster is immune to all negative status effects
Increase ATB The ATK bar of ally monsters is filled by a set amount. This allows ally monsters to attack again sooner.
Increase ATKAttack BoostAttack Power is increased by 50%
Increase Buff Duration Increases the duration of a buff by a number of turns.
Increase Cooltime Puts the target’s skill on cool down.
Increase CRI RateCrit BoostCritical Hit Rate is increased by 30%
Increase CRI Resist Critical Hit Rate against the monster is reduced by 50%
Increase Debuff Duration Increases the duration of one or more debuffs on the enemy
Increase DEFDefense BoostDefense is increased by 70%
Increase SPDSpeed UpSPD is increased by 33%
Invincible All incoming damage is reduced to zero
Magic Power Explosion Monster is uncontrollable and dies when this effect expires
ObliviousDisable PassivePrevents passives from functioning
Protect SoulSoul ProtectIf the monster dies with the effect active, it will revive
Provoke The monster is forced to only attack the monster which applied the effect
Reduce Cooltime Reduces cool down counter of skills by 1 or more
Reflect DMGReflect33% of incoming damage is reflected back at the attacker. This does not nullify any Status Effects.
Remove Buff Removes one or more beneficial effects from target monster(s)
Revive Revive a dead ally
Self-Harm Deals damage to the monster using the skill.
Shield A shield is created to absorb a portion of incoming damage
Silence Skills with cooltime are blocked for a number of turns
Sleep Puts a monster to sleep, attacking it will wake them back up
Steal Buff Remove a beneficial effect and take it for yourself
Stun Enemy is stunned and immobilized for a number of turns
Team Attack Attacks with one or more teammates
Transfer Debuff Removes a debuff from casting monster and applies it to the target monster.
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